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DEVELOPYOURMENTALGAME.COM has something for everyone—whether you play sports for recreation or have a passion to become an elite player. There are common mental challenges that all athletes encounter. DYMG provides tools on how to overcome and master those challenges.


Learn ways to


Manage pre game nervousness


Perform your best when you are surrounded by superior players


Rebound from a costly mistake or poor performance


Overcome procrastination and moments of resistance to working out


Perform optimally in pressure moments


Influence momentum swings and mitigate downward spirals

There are multiple ways to overcome all of these mental challenges. We provide a list of tools that you can pick and choose for the right situation. Click on the challenge that you’d like to work on. You’ll see short videos on how to master your mental game with this particular challenge. The effectiveness of each “tool” will vary for each person and might change over time for you. Apply the ones that resonate with you and take your game to a new level!

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Click on the challenge that you’d like to work on.

How To Handle Excessive Nervousness

Are your nerves before a game at a manageable level? Do they influence your performance in a negative way? Here are ways to handle those nerves and perform at a peak level.

Overcome Nervousness

How To Not Let A Mistake Keep You Down

Let it go

How To Overcome Procrastination

Learn ways to overcome procrastination so that you can reach new levels.

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How To Perform Your Best In Pressure Situations

In games, there can be key moments that decide the outcome. We will review ways in which you can strengthen your mental state when facing these situations and improve the odds of performing optimally in these moments.

Perform Your Best

How To Turn Things Around When Momentum Is Going Against You

When momentum is going against us, how do we handle it? We will discuss ways that you can influence momentum swings and curtail downward spirals.

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Perform Your Best When Others Are More Skilled

At some point we all face situations in which we are trying something new or performing amongst a higher level of competition. We will cover ways to put yourself in an optimal mindset so that regardless of the situation, you perform to the best of your capability in that moment.

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